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Heeerrree Birdy Birdy Birdyyy!

Have I mentioned that my boyfriend is the best? He built me a birdhouse! It's going to be a long working project. He has a ton of ideas for it & I imagine he will be constantly adding on to it! Haha! I still need to paint it as well. We got really excited once it was put together. We needed to test it out! 
More details to come in the most likely, near future!
I also mentioned that I wanted a bird bath. That man is the best. Here's the bird house and bird bath, looking all cute! The left deck is going to be a little pool/bath type thing. How adorable? 
So yes.. It still has a lot of work planned for it, but for now, the birdy friends and squirrel friends quite enjoy it! There was a cardinal flying around here every once in awhile, so we were hoping he would come hang out. He did!
We also had another visitor. 
So cute. Yesterday it was raining pretty hard here. There was a squirrel sitting in the deck/pool/bath, hiding from the rain eating sunflower seeds. A bird flew over to take cover and the squirrel ran to the top of the fence & shook all the rain off before he ran to the other end of the yard & ran up a tree. Cutest thing I have ever seen - a squirrel shaking off. Eeeee! 


I love my garden.  I love my neighbours garden. I love the lady down the streets garden! Not only have I enjoyed the whole preparing of the garden - digging, rows, planting seeds, etc., I've loved watching it grow! Every single morning, I walk through and look at everything. That usually isn't the only time I look at it... I usually go back at least once or twice more. It's my very first one! I'm obsessed with it!
I mean, how excited would you be to walk through your garden and see that the little seeds you planted weeks ago, have turned into vegetables! Look at that beautiful pea!
The flowers finally came in on the zucchini too! 
I seem to have forgotten to take a photo of the actual zucchini.... Oops. Next time. 
I also am a huge fan of having fresh radishes and green onions on hand!
Look at the cute little smile on that radish!
To add to my garden, is this amazing plant. I cannot remember what it is called. We met this lady who lives down the road, who has an amazing garden in her front yard. I love it so much. The colours in it are so pretty and contrasting.. Lots of bold plants that stick out. Anyway, one evening, we were walking by her house and she was outside, so we gave her compliments on her garden. We ended up standing there and talking with her for a long while. We left with these amazing clippings as well! Oh that lady is so so so nice. I was so happy to have met her!
Imagine this on a 12 foot by 3 foot [approximately of course] scale. Gorgeous right? I couldn't believe how incredibly generous she was. I have all of these little gems in little glasses of water. Some of them are starting teeny tiny little roots! One day I'll be able to plant them! The lavender smells absolutely amazing. That rose though! It was the very first thing she clipped & gave to me. As she was walking over to the rose bush, she was talking about when it was originally planted. It was 29 years ago, when her and her late husband found out they were pregnant with their daughter. She told me it was near and dear to her heart. That made me feel so great. Not just for the fact that I was getting this beautiful flower, but the fact that she gave a total stranger something that was so important and special to her. I definitely walked away from her house with a huge smile on me face!


A Little Polishing Up

Today is a quiet day. There is this headache that has been lingering for a couple days now.. I wish it would go awayyyyy! It's one of those days where I just want to nap and eat chips and dip. Mmm...Treats and snoozin'. My fave. I decided to have a coffee first before I jumped into my big day of hiding in the dark. Mmm coffee.. another fave. As I was sipping on it, I thought maybe I should do my nails before I lose all motivation. 
As you can see, my lovely ring finger had been peeled away at. I was going to just re-do that one finger, but then I decided 'ahh what the heck' I took it all off. Now, I love shellac. I also hate the removal process part of shellac. Taking nail polish off is a process, taking shellac off, gah. First you need to buff up the nail. I ended up peeling away the polish on my ring finger [don't do this... just don't.. i make bad choices sometimes.. this is an example of such choices]. Once the polish is nice and scratched up, soak the cotton balls in the gel nail polish remover, I used Red Carpet Erase. Put the cotton ball on the nail and wrap a piece of tin foil around the tip of your finger to hold it in place. The polish remover needs to soak into all the coats and break them up so they can be easily removed. After a few minutes [I finished my coffee and watched some Greys Anatomy], rub the tin foil/cotton ball around and wiggle it off the nail and finger. The polish should all be on the cotton ball! Use a fine nail file to buff the nail again. I file my nails and do cuticle work at this time as well. Then use another cotton ball soaked in isopropyl alcohol to wipe the nails clean. 
These are the polishes I used this time around. Gelish Foundation, Red Carpet Gel Polish in colour Violetta Darling, Gelish Top it Off. Put a thin layer of the base coat on the nail. After every coat, cure the polish under the UV light. I have a great Sally Hansen Gel Manicure Starter Kit that I got as a gift. It works great & I would definitely recommend it! 
Always put coats on in thin layers. I always put 2 coats of colour on my nails. The photo above is the first and second coats. 2 coats usually gives full coverage. If not, put a third coat on. Just make sure to put them on thinly & cure after every coat. Top it off & cure again. Finish it off by wiping another alcohol soaked cotton ball on your finger nails. 
Polish is done! I like to complete the whole manicure with using this amazing Lush product! I am obsessed with it, especially in the winter. I get really dry cuticles, and this cuticle butter works like a charm! Lemony Flutter smells amazing and give me the softest cuticles and finger tips ever. 
Love it.


A little present from my boyfriend!

How beautiful are these flowers??

I'm hoping that some of those little buds get to bloom in the near future. I love these so much!
Such a thoughtful guy. <3

Onions all over the place!

So I was taking a little walk through the garden this morning. Geez, was there ever a ton of onions growing in there. When we first started the garden, everything had its own place, all neat and tidy. Now, its a little bit of everything, everywhere. Personally, I love it. I think its great. There are 4 different places that have onions growing in them haha!
So as I was checking them all out, I noticed that a ton of them were super long and falling over under their own weight. So i took out the scissors and started snipping them off. I had a good handful once I was done. 

Then I went out and got more, because I realized I neglected a whole patch. Snippy snippity snip. I ended up with about twice the amount as the above photo. Then I chopped them all up with scissors.

I mean, those are some good looking green onions right? I put some on a baked potato last night. Mmmmmmmmmm. Anyway, I let these little beauties bake in the sun for a few minutes so they could dry out. I tossed em around with my fingers every once in awhile so as much water would evaporate as possible.
Once they were dry enough, I put them in this mason jar and tossed em in the freezer. This is so handy for storing them. Its going to be so easy to just grab this jar from the freezer, take what I need, and toss em back in! With the amount of onions that are growing out there right now, I'm pretty pumped that its this easy to store them. I also saw a posting on Pinterest where they recommend using a plastic water bottle. This is what I had sitting right in front of me, so that was perfect!