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Heeerrree Birdy Birdy Birdyyy!

Have I mentioned that my boyfriend is the best? He built me a birdhouse! It's going to be a long working project. He has a ton of ideas for it & I imagine he will be constantly adding on to it! Haha! I still need to paint it as well. We got really excited once it was put together. We needed to test it out! 
More details to come in the most likely, near future!
I also mentioned that I wanted a bird bath. That man is the best. Here's the bird house and bird bath, looking all cute! The left deck is going to be a little pool/bath type thing. How adorable? 
So yes.. It still has a lot of work planned for it, but for now, the birdy friends and squirrel friends quite enjoy it! There was a cardinal flying around here every once in awhile, so we were hoping he would come hang out. He did!
We also had another visitor. 
So cute. Yesterday it was raining pretty hard here. There was a squirrel sitting in the deck/pool/bath, hiding from the rain eating sunflower seeds. A bird flew over to take cover and the squirrel ran to the top of the fence & shook all the rain off before he ran to the other end of the yard & ran up a tree. Cutest thing I have ever seen - a squirrel shaking off. Eeeee!