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A Couple Photos

***Hi there!! Thanks for stopping by! This particular post has received more views thanks to Pinterest! I just wanted to let you know that if you click here you can view many other maternity photos! Thanks again for coming by my blog!***
It's come to a point where my belly is round when I'm sitting.. I thought it was so cute.. but I'm a little biased ;) I love my forever new body. Its always changing.. Well I guess I should say that my belly is always changing. My boobs had a growth spurt during the first trimester. Other then that, nothing else has really changed! My body is basically normal except for the basketball where my belly is! haha!
I love this photo and quote. I saw the quote on Pinterest before I was even pregnant, and knew I wanted to use it one day. Today was the day! I felt very relaxed all morning, as I finally got a full nights rest, so I thought I would take a couple pictures with my lap top. I didn't get all dolled up, hence having no face in the photos ;) Plus I think they look better with just my body in them anyway.
I think this will make a good cover photo on Facebook one day! I just changed it to my "its a boy" nails. I really like that photo. I think my nails turned out so cute. It takes a lot to do them these days because I need to lean over and get nice and close.... which causes breathing issues haha! 
Look at how much my baby has grown in 9 weeks! His body to head ratio is getting closer to normal. I also am still loving the fact that I know it's a "he" for sure now! I can't believe I'm 5 months along. It's going by so quickly. I know I keep saying that, but its so true. This is why I have no shame in posting every second day about my baby or pregnancy. I know theres gotta be some people on my Facebook who are tired of it... and those people can just "hide" or "delete" me, because I am way too proud of my baby and what my body is doing to GROW A HUMAN! That's so cool.