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Bump Update - 21 Weeks

How far along?  
21 weeks

Total weight gain/measurements: 
I just measured my waist, and it's still the same as it was pre-pregnancy. This baby is low! My belly on the other hand, is up to 42 inches. A half an inch from last week. I still don't know how much weight I've gained though. My prenatal appointment was rescheduled for Wednesday. So I'll get an updated weight then. Maybe I should buy a scale.

Maternity clothes:  
No.... but the 2 pairs of leggings i had before getting the new Asos ones, no longer fit over my belly... so I'm down to 2 pairs again... new leggings are in order. 

Stretch marks: 
Nope.. I've been using Aveeno 24 hour lotion with oatmeal. I swear by that stuff. Ive been using it for years.

I had my first full nights sleep on Wednesday night! It was amazing. I woke up so refreshed! This week has been a lot better for sleep. I've only been getting up once to go pee, which is nice!
Best moment this week: 
Finding out the gender. That was such a surreal moment. I instantly cried when she told us what it was! That was the first time Ive cried at any kind of appointment during this pregnancy. It was so exciting and emotional. The 20 week ultrasound was by far my favourite. I could see the baby move, and feel it at the same time. Everything is going great! Heart, brain, kidneys, stomach, bones, everything looks good! My placenta is up high and my fluids are good! It was a great appointment :D

Miss anything? 
Alcohol. I've been dying for a glass of white wine!

He is such a mover. He is so active! He likes to roll from his side to his belly a lot. When he does that, I can feel his head pushing into my lower abdomen.. ohhhh that's uncomfortable. Usually if I put my hand there, he'll move out of the way. Good baby. I also am now aware of where his feet and hands are... He kicks me all the time, but he's not shy to throw a few punches either! He's so strong already!

Food cravings: 
Sweets. I just want sugar of all sorts... Juice, grapes, apples, candy, chocolate.. I want it all. 

Anything making you queasy or sick? 

Labour signs:  

My face has broken out on my chin and around my jaw line. That's so annoying... but I rarely see people, so thats alright haha. Still getting a headache at least once a day.

Belly button in or out? 

Happy or moody most of the time: 
It's been a mix I think. 

Looking forward to: 
Shopping for the baby! Now that we know he is for sure a he, it'll be easier to buy things. Can't wait to get his nursery set up.