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Bump Update - 24 Weeks

How far along?  
24 Weeks

Total weight gain/measurements: 
I think I need to start doing all my measurements in the morning. The part of my belly I measured today said I lost half an inch! I'm trying to think if maybe I ate before measuring last time? I haven't eaten yet today.... Hmm.. I'll have to start paying attention to that. Weight gain, no clue. Obviously not a lot if I've gained any at all. 

Maternity clothes:  
Still not in any, still haven't bought any....but really wanting some long sleeved shirts from Pink Blush Maternity! They have the cutest things on that site!

Stretch marks: 

2 nights in a row, I've woken up feeling rested... that was nice! The next 2 nights in a row consisted of me being up from 1-2am to 5-6am.... thats been a little less nice. Any tips would be appreciated! 

Best moment this week: 
Chopping down the Christmas tree!!!!! Ive only seen it up in the sky, and laying on the ground... So I'm pretty excited for Bo to make a stand for it so we can finally set it up in the living room! It looks great so far though.. I'm so excited.

Miss anything? 
Every time I see someone drinking white wine, I just want it sooooo bad!!! So I'm gunna say, I miss white wine. It's only when I see people drinking it though. I was watching Big Bang last night, and the 3 girls were drinking it and I was really jealous.

Always.. he's getting so strong! I posted a video 2 days ago of him kicking away. 
Click here if you missed it!
Yesterday he was being kinda super quiet. Which is weird for him. So while I was laying down before bed, I was poking my belly, and he moved so much it scared me! I jumped and lifted my hand off my belly! So I figured I should just leave the little boy alone and go to sleep, he was fine & if he's like me, he was mad he got woken up for nothing.. hahaha!

Food cravings: 
Sweets.. candy, chocolate, juice, apples anything with sugar. Candy cane dark hot chocolates are also a 'need' in my life. Sooooo goooood. 

Anything making you queasy or sick? 
Smoothies still :( Which sucks, because I want one so bad in the mornings. I think I'm going to do green smoothies and see if maybe that makes a difference. I was going frozen berries with banana, yogurt and milk.... Maybe I'll do berries, avocado, spinach... Mmmm.


Labour signs:  

Feeling heavy in the belly area. We were walking around stores yesterday, and by the time we got to the third store, I had to sit down for a few minutes. 
Crampy legs are also pretty prominent this week. It's so nice that they come while I'm sleeping and I get to wake up in pain/a panic. 
My nails grow insanely quick!

Belly button in or out? 

Happy or moody most of the time: 
It's a mix.. I'm all over the place... but to be fair, its not all just pregnancy related though! I also don't think it's fair that when pregnant women have emotional days, it's considered "pregnancy hormones" or whatever phrase you wanna say. I remember having emotional days when I wasn't growing a human.

Looking forward to: 
Getting the tree set up so that I can finally see it in all its glory. I'm pretty excited to have a real tree. This is my first real Christmas tree. Last year was my first ever Christmas tree. So it's all still pretty exciting.

I was also kind of excited about this.... 6 months pregnant and I'm still able to wear my normal jeans, & comfortably too I'll add. They fit a little better now actually.... but that also means that I'm gaining weight in my hips and legs. haha! But that's ok.
Also, check out my stalker friend. She's literally never too far away from me. She's so cute.