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The Baby Is A.............!!!

Proud wearer of pre-pregnancy jeans. 
The moment finally came! The gender ultrasound! 
It was nothing short of amazing. Momma's intuition was RIGHT and we are having a BOY!!!! 
It feels like I really know him now. Even though I thought it was a boy, you just never know! There could have been nothing in between those legs! Plus we had a boys name picked out when I was like, 6 weeks along. We found out when I was about 5 weeks, so we've had this name chosen for basically the whole time. Now I don't need to feel guilty for calling the baby a "he" the whole time haha!
Momma promises to never show your package online again!
It was so overwhelming seeing that ultrasound image for the first time. She was such a sweet woman too. She couldn't print off photos for us, but she let us take a couple with my phone! She moved the wand in-between his legs and said "theres his scrotum, and theres his wee wee!" haha! I SAW that it was a boy before she even said anything.. There was definitely no hiding it! He had no shame or modesty hahaha. That's my boy! Everything about him is perfect. His heart, brain, kidneys, stomach, everything is perfect. My fluids are normal. My placenta is up high, which is a huge relief.. Not that there was any reason to think otherwise... Just a thought myself, as a new mom, had. My updated due date is March 19th... It's only 2 days sooner then my previous ultrasound, which was March 21st. Either way, this momma is going to have an amazing birthday gift for my 25th birthday! 
She also showed us his face from the front and the side. We think he has his mommy's face shape already. I love ultrasounds. Theres such a huge difference between them! He grows and changes so much week by week, month by month!

Isn't he adorable?!?
Now there's another part of me that doesn't know if I should keep the name a secret or not! Since I don't live near my family and friends, I feel like I want everyone to know! The other part of me thinks that I'll just tell the people who I want to know. Maybe that'll be the plan. The baby's grandparents, auntie, and a couple non-biological aunties know the name. If my family wants to know, I would for sure tell them! Or my mom can, since she lives near all my family, and she'll probably get the brunt of the questions haha!