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You're My Little Teddy Bear

I have had this teddy bear since I was a baby!
Soon my little baby will get to snuggle with it too.
.... As long as my doggy friend doesn't steal it. She seems to LOVE this bear! It's actually quite adorable. I was in my bedroom and the bear was just laying there.. and when I turned around, he was gone! I couldn't wrap my head around it. Little sneak of a doggy friend, came in and very gently stole the bear! Hahah! The bear has a rattle in the bone and a bell in the ear, so I was amazed I didn't hear anything. This happened again another time, but I saw her come in this time & watched her. She very very slowly walked to the bear and very very slowly put the bears arm in her mouth... all while I'm sitting there saying "Diesel! No... Diiieesssellll... Stop!" Hahahahah It was too cute and funny to even be mad at her. She was just like "you see nothing....sshhh..." and took the bear out of the room! LOL