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6 Week Postpartum Update!

I wanted to wait until after my 6 week postpartum check up to do this post, but that appointment was moved to June 1st and I'll be 9 weeks by then! So I thought I would do it now. Im a little closer to 7 weeks but thats ok. Close enough! Plus Hunter has changed so much since 3 weeks! So I need to do an update!
I'm feeling pretty much back to normal, recovery wise. My belly is nowhere near where it was pre-pregnancy. It's still squishy & there's stretch marks all over the lower part of it.. but that's ok. I feel as though breastfeeding is helping with the weight loss & shrinking the belly though. I really don't exercise much, besides for going on a walk everyday.... and it's nothing intense, believe me. Now that it's nice outside [finally], it's easy to be outdoors! I'll probably start kicking those walks up a notch now. I just wanted to take it easy for the first little bit, while I was healing.
 As for my milk supply, it's doing good & I've started pumping and freezing. I only have 5 or 6 bags in the freezer, but I'm in no rush to get a huge stash right away. I'm always with him, so he doesn't ever really need a bottle. It's nice to have a stash in the freezer though, just in case. I have to pump in the morning anyway since I'm usually pretty engorged by then. I have to pump one side while I nurse him on the other. I find I don't get as much in one sitting if I was to just pump on my own.
Also, my nails are growing so fast, and they're so strong!

As for Hunter the last 3 weeks! I can't believe he's almost 7 weeks old. Unreal. He's going to be 2 months soon!

We measured him the other day, and he's at 59 cm!! That's 6 cm longer then when he was born! He's growing way too fast. I'm not sure of his weight, we'll get that at his next appointment on June 2nd.

Slowly but surely, we'll have a routine. Right now, he has a bath around 7, then he nurses & goes to sleep around 8. This is when he sleeps the longest, usually about 4-5 hours. Then he wakes up to feed, goes back to sleep, then wakes up 2 more times to nurse before waking up for the morning at 7am. Everything after that is kind of a go with the flow kinda schedule.

He sleeps really well at night, as in, he wakes to feed & falls right back asleep for a couple more hours. He's so different during the day. He fights sleep so hard, that he's exhausted by the time we finally get him to shut his eyes... which takes an hour or 2 sometimes. Then when he's finally sleeping, he wakes up 15 minutes later. Sometimes, I can get him to go back to sleep for another 15 or so minutes, but other times, he's just awake. Day time naps are something were still trying to figure out over here. He doesn't just fall asleep.. He needs to be put to sleep. Rocking, bouncing, swaddling... I've tried laying him in his bassinet half sleeping, to soothe himself to sleep. I've tried co-sleeping. He's getting a bit more used to his soother, so I find that's starting to help him go to & stay sleeping. He just woke up from a 20 minute nap, & I put his soother in his mouth, and he fell back asleep. Were trying all the things!

He only breastfeeds. We haven't given him a bottle since his 2 week check up. He eats when he wakes up & sometimes he needs to nurse before he falls asleep. I've also noticed that he's a really efficient eater. It only takes him about 10 minutes to nurse before he's done and ready to burp. I usually try to offer the other breast as well, just in case... but he's hardly ever interested.

We officially packed up all his newborn clothing at 4 weeks. My baby is getting so big! He's now in 0-3 month clothing. He's still in size 1 diapers, but after this package is finished, he'll be moving up into size 2's.

He smiles and makes so many cute baby noises. His most talkative time of day is definitely when he wakes up in the morning.
He also makes the cutest faces.
He follows you or objects if they're moving in front of his face.
He sucked his thumb for the first time yesterday! It was the cutest thing.
He is at the point now, where he's shoving his hands, my hands, blankets, anything he can, in his mouth & chewing/sucking. He's such a drooly monster.


What I've Learned In The First 5 Weeks Of Motherhood!

So here's a list of things I've leaned while being a first time mom so far! I'm sure I've forgotten a bunch [baby brain is real], but I'm sure in a few more weeks or a couple months, I'll have another updated version... because this is a never ending learning experience my friends!

1. You may need to re-heat your coffee 5 times before you actually get to drink it.
2. You should eat whenever you can... If you think "oh I just ate"... Eat again anyway. 
3. Having said that, you'll feel like all you do is eat and breastfeed. Putting food in your mouth, & putting your boob in your baby's mouth is pretty frikkin important though. 

4. Some babies are great nighttime sleepers... But that could mean they are terrible nappers during the day... Leaving you feeling like a night owl & doing chores at night time... Or making nachos and cheese at 4am because you couldn't find time to shred cheese during the day. 
5. When your baby is uncontrollably crying & nothing is soothing him & you're about to pull your eardrums out with a fork.. Try the "cry it out" method for a couple minutes.. As hard and sad as it is...  It usually works. 
6. If you're breastfeeding, have an assortment of drinks.. juice, Gatorade, flavored water, etc. Breastfeeding is thirsty business & let's face it....plain water gets boring after awhile. 
7. There will be things you thought you'd never do, such as bed sharing. If it works for you, do it. You have a child forever but he's only a baby for a short time, so you won't get to do it for long. If it keeps you and baby happy, I consider that a win. We need as many wins as possible right now, am I right? 

8. You're going to do nothing but stare at this beautiful thing you made.
9. You might get a window of opportunity to do one or two chores. I suggest you do something for yourself first (shower, use the bathroom perhaps... Put on make up or do your hair-if you're into that kinda thing). 
10. Getting peed, puked, and pooped on becomes normal. 
11. Be ready to fall more in love with your boyfriend/husband. Watching him be a father tugs on the heart strings.

12. They say to stock up on diapers, [and you should! Lots of them! In a variety of sizes!], but DO NOT forget to stock up on wipes. I'm serious. Buy them whenever they're on sale while you're pregnant. You won't regret it. 
13. They're going to grow. They do it fast. Try not to cry when you're packing up his newborn sized clothing after 4 weeks.

14. You'll have days where you just want and need to cry. Do it. Then once your baby falls asleep, take a nap with him. 
15. You might feel like you're doing it all wrong, and you're failing at this parenthood thing... If you're doing your best, and your baby is happy and healthy... You're doing amazing. Good job!
16. It takes time to learn each other. If you're having a hard time with a sleep schedule, don't worry. Together, you'll both figure out something that works. 
17. Never underestimate the power of a good swaddle. 

18. Stock up on nursing pads and maxi pads. You may get your period sooner then you think and tampons are a no no right now!
19. It'll melt your heart when your baby starts smiling and making cute little baby sounds. You'll do the same thing over and over again to make them smile!

20. You are someones mother. I don't think it's fully sunk in yet that I am a mom now. It's still so surreal!