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Hunter's 9 Month Update!

The last time we weighed him, maybe a week ago, he was 23 lbs! 
I haven't tried measuring him, so I don't know how tall he is. 

You can put an "ish" after all these times... Nothing is ever at a specific time, but this is a pretty close estimate. Oh and there's breastfeeding in-between everything whenever he wants to nurse.

8am: Wake up, change diaper, make coffee, sweep & play

10am: Breakfast.. We used to do breakfast closer to when we would wake up, but I found he just didn't have the patience to wait for me to cook, and then he would barely eat... I think he needed to work up more of an appetite. 

11am: Change clothes, then nap

1:30pm: Lunch
If we do anything for the day, after lunch is our prime time of the day to go out. He's usually the happiest & most patient in the early afternoon!

3pm: Nap

5pm: I start making dinner

5:30pm: Potential nap. This nap is a hit and miss. He is always SO tired around this time but always refuses to go down for a sleep. If he does, he only naps for about 20 minutes... but those 20 minutes make all the difference. 

6pm: Eat dinner

6:45pm: Bath, jammies + read books and play. 
While Hunter's in the tub, Bo watches him while I quickly sweep the kitchen and living room.

8:00pm: Daddy takes Hunter to bed. 
Mommy then gets to clean the kitchen, do dishes, pick up all Hunter's books and toys, etc. 

9:30pm: Hunter has been waking up about an hour after he falls asleep for the night. Dad will go in and bounce him back to sleep & then he'll sleep for 2-3 hours. 

12am: Wakes up & then comes to bed with mom and dad & dream feeds all night :) 
There really hasn't been much change in the sleep department. He goes to bed at the same time every night and wakes up every 2-3 hours to dream feed. He takes 2 sometimes 3 naps a day. 

He breastfeeds probably 4-7 times a day. It changes depending on many factors.... His mood, teething, how much solids he's had, etc. 
I try to give him breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Sometimes we skip lunch. Sometimes we just have small snacks all day. It really just depends on what we have, or what/when I'm eating. 
Some of his favourite things to eat is pasta, any kind of meat, butternut squash and yogurt.. Oh and he stole my pizza crust right out of my hand the other day, and he seemed to really enjoy it. Haha!

His clothing sizes are still kind of all over the place. I would say he's mainly in 12 months.  
Size 4 diapers.

*He started walking TODAY! It was so amazing! Head over to my Facebook to see the quick video!
*He has cut his 2 top teeth! Which brings him to a grand total of 4 teeth! 
*We got to experience his first Christmas! Ah! Words cant describe how great it was. Christmas morning was so exciting!! 
^^ "Look mom! I'm planking!"

^^^ Hunter's face in this one absolutely killlllsss me! So funny!
^^^ Here's how this month's update photo went. It's a miracle I got what I did! Lol!