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Hunter's 1 Year Update! (At 13.5 Months!)

So this is obviously late if you couldn't tell by the title... Haha! Oops.. So neglectful... But here I am now.... Determined to finish this post to round up the first year of Hunter's updates! I stopped doing monthly updates after 9 months because everything seemed to be about the same!

He weighed 24 lbs at his 1 year appointment. I don't think she told me his height, because I can't seem to come up with a number... We did measure him on the wall, but that's in his room, and he is currently sleeping in there.... & since I'm determined to finish this post tonight, we're just going to have to scratch the height.

We don't really have too much of a routine... It's been basically the same thing for a few months now. He wakes up somewhere between 7am-8am and we usually take it pretty easy... Have some snacks, watch the Wiggles... Then a nap somewhere in the late morning, early afternoon. Then play, lunch, play, snacks.. The typical things you would do with a 1 year old I guess! Lots of playing outside since we've been spoiled with good weather the whole year! The one part of our day that's always the same is the evening when I start cooking dinner. Dinner at 6pm, bath RIGHT after because #MessyBaby. Then we hang out and play until bedtime at 8pm!

He wakes up between 7-8am.. He'll have 1, maybe 2 naps a day. If he has a second nap, he's usually [obviously] harder to put down at bed time... but if he doesn't take that second nap.. Holy moly watch out. He goes to bed for the night at 8pm. Then usually comes into bed with me somewhere after midnight. I'll nurse him back to sleep & then he'll usually only wake up 1 more time before the morning to breastfeed. 

He likes to graze throughout the day... It's easier to give him snacks then it is to sit him down and try give him a meal, except for dinner. We'll usually start the morning with yogurt and frozen berries + chia seeds, which I help him eat because that's not a mess I want to clean up first thing in the morning haha! I'll sometimes sit him in his high chair for lunch, which is usually leftovers, or a mix of random fruits, veggies, cheese, bread, etc. Some of his favourite snacks/foods are: yogurt & frozen berries, together or separate. He's obsessed. He also loves marble or mozza cheese, pickles, peas, bagels, bread, spaghetti, & tacos to name a few! Oh and he breastfeeds like 938759237652 times a day. 

I'm literally just about to pack up his 9 month onesies. Hahaha! His shirts and sleepers are anywhere from 12-24 months... But I'm about to clear out the smaller sizes and so more shopping in bigger sizes. His pants are definitely smaller, probably 12-18 months at most.

He says so many words! (Mum mum, dada, tweet tweet, hot-hot-hot <--mommy's coffee, tickle tickle, yummy yummy, probably some more but that's all I can remember for now)
He's been walking/running around since he was 9 months old.
He has 8 teeth and I think his molars are trying to come in because ho wa! #TeethingIsAnAsshole
He also got his first haircut! Cut by me!
 ^^Blurry, but oh my goodness... Look at that precious little face!
^^The day of his first birthday! My handsome boy!
^^His first time bathing in the sink before his first hair cut!!
^^Not so bad right?? Such a big boy!